Stomatal conductance models

gs_mod_ballberry(A_net, C_air, RH)

gs_mod_leuning(A_net, C_air, D0, VPD)

gs_mod_opti(g0, g1, VPD, A_net, C_air)

gs_mod_optifull(g0, g1, gk, VPD, A_net, C_air)



Net CO2 assimilation in umol m-2 s-1


CO2 concentration at the leaf surface in umol mol-1


Relative humidity as a proportion


Vapor pressure sensitivity of stomata (Leuning 1995)


Vapor pressure deficit (kPa)


Optimization model intercept term (Medlyn et al. 2011)


Optimization model slope term (Medlyn et al. 2011)


Optimization model root term (Medlyn et al. 2011)


gs_mod_ballberry is used for fitting the Ball et al. (1987) model of stomatal conductance

gs_mod_leuning is used for fitting the Leuning (1995) model of stomatal conductance

gs_mod_opti fits the optimal stomatal conductance model according to Medlyn et al. 2011

gs_mod_optifull fits the full optimal stomatal conductance model according to Medlyn et al. 2011


Ball JT, Woodrow IE, Berry JA. 1987. A model predicting stomatal conductance and its contribution to the control of photosynthesis under different environmental conditions, in Progress in Photosynthesis Research, Proceedings of the VII International Congress on Photosynthesis, vol. 4, edited by I. Biggins, pp. 221–224, Martinus Nijhoff, Dordrecht, Netherlands.

Leuning R. 1995. A critical appraisal of a coupled stomatal- photosynthesis model for C3 plants. Plant Cell Environ 18:339-357

Medlyn BE, Duursma RA, Eamus D, Ellsworth DS, Prentice IC, Barton CVM, Crous KY, Angelis PD, Freeman M, Wingate L. 2011. Reconciling the optimal and empirical approaches to modeling stomatal conductance. Glob Chang Biol 17:2134-2144